Amiral Integrates, SATORP Transforms: A New Era in Petrochemicals

One Ecosystem, Endless Possibilities Amiral and SATORP, a Unified Petrochemical Vision

In a joint effort, TotalEnergies and the Saudi Arabian Oil Company are collaborating to create an advanced and effective refining and petrochemicals center in Saudi Arabia. In December 2022, both parties made the decision to construct a petrochemical complex connected to the SATORP refinery. Known as “Amiral”, this fresh project aligns with TotalEnergies’ plan to ethically expand its petrochemicals using beneficial raw materials and optimizing the cooperation between its primary integrated facilities in flourishing markets.

Since 1974, the Company has had a presence in Saudi Arabia and is currently engaged in the development of large-scale projects in the country. The most recent project, named Amiral, is a massive petrochemical complex that will be integrated with the SATORP refinery located on the east coast of the country in Jubail. This project, owned by the SATORP joint venture which is a partnership between Saudi Aramco (62.5%) and TotalEnergies (37.5%), represents an investment of $11 billion. Construction is slated to commence in 2023 and it is expected to be operational in 2027.

The Amiral project is centered around building:

  • This mixed-feed cracker has the ability to handle a variety of low-cost feedstocks and has a yearly production capacity of 1.65 million tons of ethylene.
  • There are two polyethylene lines, both capable of producing 500,000 tons per year.
  • The facility also includes units for extracting butadiene and aromatics, as well as creating valuable derivatives.

planned activities at the Amiral petrochemical complex-infography

This infographic showcases all the planned activities at the Amiral petrochemical complex, which is integrated into the SATORP refinery. The Amiral project is a petrochemical factory equipped with a mixed feed steam cracker capable of producing 1.65 million tons of ethylene per year. The facility also consists of two polyethylene lines with a capacity of 500,000 tons each per year.

In the future, the facility will also supply a park where specialty chemical factories will be established. The park will utilize the products from the cracker to create specialty chemical products such as fibers, lubricants, additives, adhesives, etc.The investment amount for the Amiral project is estimated to be 11 billion dollars.

The main goal of the project is to transform the feedstock generated by the SATORP refinery, which includes its off-gases, naphtha, and also to utilize ethane and light naphtha provided by Saudi Aramco.

In the Jubail industrial area, the complex will provide a park for specialty chemical plants. This partnership with companies seeking to set up operations in the region will assist in promoting the development of crucial manufacturing processes, including carbon fiber production, lubricant and fluid production, detergent and additive production, and automotive part manufacturing.

A project that aligns with the sustainable development goals of the SATORP platform and the Company.

The construction strategy for the project includes a crucial focus on decreasing the site’s impact on the environment. The carbon intensity of the project is receiving special attention. TotalEnergies shares the same goal as its partners in striving for carbon neutrality by 2050 and is committed to working with society towards this objective.

Within the scope of the Amiral initiative, a portion of the hydrogen produced alongside the steam cracker will be utilized to substitute the methane currently used as a fuel in the furnaces of the SATORP refinery.

The development of both Amiral and the specialty chemicals park as a whole will result in the generation of 7,000 jobs in the local area, with support from TotalEnergies and Saudi Aramco in terms of providing training for both direct and indirect employees.


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