8 Reasons why you should not quit your job


There are many reasons that can make you want to quit your job. However, there are also times when it makes more sense to keep it even if it is not for a long period. 

If you can leave your current position, when you are ready, and after preparing your plan B; the transition to the new job will be easier. Taking some time to think it through is a good way to be sure that your decision to resign is the best choice. 

But let’s admit it sometimes quitting your job isn’t the right thing to do. This move will definitely cost you money, and it will make it harder for you to get hired especially if you don’t have another job lined up. 

You must also consider your timing! Sometimes the timing of your resignation may not be right. Rather than saying “I quit” try to review the different reasons why you may not have to resign right away. 

You can also find ways to change things up in order to learn how to love your job. Here are eight reasons why you shouldn’t quit your job: 

Don’t quit your job: if you desperately need a break 

Have you been working the last two years without a single day of vacation or any time off? Maybe you are facing burnout after doing so much … the best solution is to take some time away from the office to change your mind. A good vacation, even a short one, can give you some clarity and will help you decide what will be the next step of your career. 

Don’t quit your job: when you need the benefits 

If you already have a good benefits package, you must know what will happen to it when you leave your job. You don’t want to have trouble with your HR manager or your boss by asking unneeded questions about what will happen to your benefits after you terminate your contract.
The information you’re asking for might be just accessible online in your employee handbook. 

So start by carefully reviewing the different options for continuing coverage and for what will happen to your current benefits when you will quit.   

Don’t quit your job: even if you hate your job 

You are not happy when you head to your work. You actually hate your job and the idea of quitting sounds really legitimate to you. However, take some time to think: is there anything you can do to make it more enjoyable? Are there any other positions in the company that can be a better fit for your profile? If you already like your colleagues, manager, and company may be staying in a different role is the best solution. 

Don’t quit your job: if you can’t afford to quit right away 

Do you have enough savings in your bank account to find a new job without a monthly paycheck coming in? Finding a new position isn’t always an easy or quick process. Even if you have a strong skill set and your position is highly in demand in the market, the search interview and hiring process can be really long and exhausting. Besides that, you must replace your earning loss until finding your next position. 

Don’t quit your job: if you don’t have a new job lined up 

Having a plan B or a new position lined up can make it easier for you to quit your actual position. 

However, if you don’t have any second plan and the circumstances at work are not that difficult, it is better to start a secret and careful job search while you are still employed. 

Start your job hunt from your phone, your computer, actually and regarding the pandemic situation many employers are conduct online and phone interviews. After that, you can juggle taking some time off for your physical interview. Prepare your new position and get ready to be hired then turn in your notice. 

Don’t quit your job: because you will be considered as a job hopper

In today’s job market, job-hopping isn’t systematically an awful thing. Many employers hire short-term candidates or contract workers and there are always methods to adapt your resume in order to alleviate the impact. However, you must always be ready to answer the question of why did you left your previous job especially if you have occupied many positions. 

Don’t quit your job: when you are angry 

Every one of us can face an awful day at work… you may be mad at your colleagues, your boss, or the way your meeting went …sometimes nothing is going right. In these times quitting might be very luring …it may be the best solution, but you never forget that decisions made in haste aren’t always the best ones. 

So rather than making a move you may regret, go home, calm down, change your mood and wait for 24 h to make sure you are not making an impulsive choice. 

Consider if there is anything you can do to fix the situation and make sure that staying is also a valid option. 

Don’t quit your job: when you don’t have a departure plan 

When you quit your job without any departure plan you might feel like jumping into the void! You have no idea how long it will take you to find a new job, you may spend all your savings faster than you think …So the best thing to do is starting by exploring the job market, try to know which jobs are fitted for you, how much you want to earn, what are the organizations that are hiring. A well-planned departure plan will make the transition to your next job way easier. 

Don’t quit your job when you are not sure about quitting 

What can you do if you are tempted by the idea of quitting your job while you are not completely sure?

The best way to organize your decision-making process is to start by making a list of the pros and cons of your current job.

Include the details of your salary, benefits, responsibilities, opportunities for growth, and what your career path will look like with your actual employer. If you have another job offer, compare your current benefits and compensation package with the one included in the new offer, then make your mind. 

If you have explored all these reasons and still think of resigning here are 5 Tips To Find And Land A New Job During 2021.

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