7 Most common group interview questions and best way to answer them


Today we will introduce you to the most common, questions a candidate, might be asked during a group interview.

The following statements involve general questions an interviewer might ask of a candidate.

  • General questions:

There is a lot, a type for group interviews. Generally, on those situations multiple interviewers will be taking turns when asking the candidate questions.

  1. How would your team mate or colleagues describe you?

The aim of this question: by asking this question the interviewer want to measure your sense of self-perception, he wants to know if you are aware of your own image, then he compares your answer to your references testimonials to define if you be a good fit for their company culture.

Sample of a good answer: my team mate would say that I’m a dedicated and enthusiastic person. I’m quite sure that most projects will succeed if they are done collaboratively, and I will be willing to do my part of the job and jump whenever a team member needs guidance or assistance.

It’s a more enriching and stimulating to work in a group dynamic because the success will be doubled and the achievements will have more meanings.

  1. Why do you want this job?

The aim of this question: The employer wants to know if you have taken your time to determine whether this job is a perfect match for your career aspirations and professional experience.

Sample of a good answer: I’m now ready to take the next move in my professional life, that why worked to earn the latest accounting certification after working as a corporate AP and tax accountant for 5 years.

I will be glad to take the challenge of collaborating with your clients to optimize their results.

I can easily work with project management tools and use tax reporting programs to ameliorate the tax reporting processes.

  1. How would you describe yourself?

The aim of this question: the interviewers want to know more about you.

Through this question they want to focus on your traits, experience, interest and each element that complement the basic qualification the employer seeks in their new hire.

So, try to make your answer very personal and authentic so that your employer feels like they have learned something new and unique about you as a person.  

Sample of a good answer: I’m a big gamer, I love following the latest realizes and purchasing the limited editions in the world of gaming.

I’m very enthusiastic when it comes to a new game or wining an online battle, I have bitted several records and I’m trying to enter the league of professional USA gamers.

  1. What will you add/offer to our company if we will choose you?

The aim of this question: this is another word to say why we should pick you and not anybody else? Here comes the perfect moment to advance your sales pitch of your unique qualifications, experience and personality traits, you need to prove that you are the best candidate available on their list.

Sample of a good answer: I can offer you my 6-years expertise and experience in luxury cars sales. During this period, I have always surpassed the records and never failed my managers in terms of delivering, or respecting deadlines.

From my younger age I’ve been a car enthusiast, my dad has transferred to his passion, and I know exactly how to rebuild a new engine from its parts.

My love and passion for the new automotive technologies have affected my customers who appreciate my advices, expertise and keep asking for my services among other sales managers.

  1. How do you work inside a team?

The aim of this question: it must be clear from the start whether you are expected to work independently or collaboratively, or both at the same time.

Put your answer in perspective with the job description elements, if the teamwork was an essential condition from the start, you need to prove that you can fit perfectly in a team and rather work in a group.  

Sample of a good answer: I’m team person. I’d rather work in a team then being alone. My efficiency and results are doubled if I can perform within a group of people, this comes from my love for team sport and activities in high school. I strongly believe that being a good team member needs proactivity and flexibility abilities. It needs also active listening and maintaining open lines of communication with your team lead and members to know when I can jump in and help or manage conflicts if there is any.

  1. What interested you first in our company?

The aim of this question: employers always prefer candidates who have taken their time to research their organization before coming to the interview.

Do not make the mistake of walking in blind do your part of the job and choose some key points to discuss about them to demonstrate your interest in the company.

Sample of a good answer: I have a leader and entrepreneurial skills, and it has been my dream to work in a newly launched start up so that I can prove myself and contribute to their growth and success.

What motivated me to join you is your latest prize and recognition in term of green label because I deeply believe in environmental protection and so I think a can be an effective sales advocate for your company.

  1. Describe your career path and future goal in 30 seconds 

The aim of this question: o answer properly this question you need to be prepared. Review the most significant steps of your education, how you have progressed over the years and what are your plans for the future.

Sample of a good answer: I’ve chosen to follow the Columbia University because of its amazing literature and journalism program that allowed me to learn the most needed skills for this domain, thus I was immediately hired after my graduation to work as a reporter for the “times” magazine. During my 5 years there I improved myself to become their main reporter for local and international politics news and during that time I won two awards as the best reporter of the year since 2017 and 2018.

While I love dealing with political reporting, I hope to enlarge my sphere towards editing and writing social issues.

Source :https://www.thebalancecareers.com/group-interview-questions-and-interviewing-tips-2061157

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