5 simple ways to express gratitude to your team members and staff

5 simple ways to express gratitude to your team members and staff

Expressing your gratitude to your team members or coworkers is one of your duties as a manager.

Being a leader means that you need to show your appreciation, say thank you and give credit to people. This task must be one of your habits, and it is as important as running meetings, crafting strategies or taking decisions ….

If you want to run a successful business, build a strong company in which you have healthy relationships with your stuff, never forget the impact of showing gratitude to your employees.

How exactly you express your recognition is up to you yet it should be personal and adapted to your personality and style of management.

So here is an idea of five ways to show your gratitude in the office:

  1. Give small personalized gifts in proper times.

If one of your employees is about to get engaged, have a baby or move to a new house get them some small and meaningful gifts.

You don’t need to be extravagant or too personal; a small symbolic gift is a great way to show your appreciation, respect and interest for an employee both on the professional and personal side.

  1. Send a thank you note. 

A small email to thank your team members for delivering a new project in time, exceeding a target or finalizing a big deal is a great way to show your thankfulness and appreciation for their hard work.

I you want to go further; you can leave a personalized hand written note on their desk.

You can also send a congratulation email to all your team or company to thank an employee for his significant contribution, hard work and dedication, with this method you will encourage other to join on the praise.

  1. Take your employees to lunch. 

Ask your employees to join you for a lunch break. This is a little treat but it is a perfect opportunity to come closer to your team members, check on their well being and make sure they are getting all the attention and support they need.

 Just consider your workers schedules and notify them beforehand with the launch date so they can be prepared for it otherwise they will have to work extra hours to compensate the wasted time and the whole idea will lose its advantage.

During the launch be friendly and casual so your team will enjoy their time and feel comfortable around you.

  1. Delegation, promotions and pay rises. 

This is by far the oldest and best way to show your gratitude and thankfulness to your employees.

Always think of rewarding the good work or employee achievements with proper raises and promotions. Pay each one of them according to their real worth and let them know how much they are important to you and to the company and that you want to keep them around.

If you can not afford to give promotion right now, give your stuff the chance to attend conferences, have a good mentor in their filed, have access to e-learning to gain new skills, those are also great ways to show your appreciation and gratitude.

  1. Give them time off without restrictions.

When talking about gratitude, we always think that it should be related to a specific accomplishment, but it is crucial to show gratitude and recognition for your employees during their usual service in the company.

A great way to do this is by granting them some time off without restriction when a family event comes up, around holiday period or with no specific reason.

If you pass through a slowdown period and there is no much things to be done on next Monday, let your employees leave early on Friday.

While those acts might seem meaningless, they are a great way to reward your stuff and keep them happy and motivated.

Keep in mind that you need to show your gratitude as a leader to your employees, be thankful and great to them and they will push your business and company forward.

And as the American author Melody Beattie said: “Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.”

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