4 daily habits that will affect your professional career positively

4 daily habits that will affect your professional career positively

4 simple daily habits that will have a positive impact on your professional career

Each one of us wants to dream big about his future and hold high hope related to his professional career, we want to accomplish great goals, develop thousands of skills, and reach the top level in our company, field, or even industry!
But the biggest problem with this approach is that attaining those glorious goals seems just way too hard and impossible from where we stand today.

So, the best solution to start achieving your career goals is by thinking smaller! Thinking smaller and taking one little step at a time, doesn’t mean you don’t hold yourself to high standards or big goals, but it simply says that you are helping yourself by taking baby steps and making the change easier for yourself.

Want to know how to do this?

Here are four easy habits that will help you improve and even propose your career for not only the short but mostly the long term.

You will be astonished at how easy they are!

Always Ask Questions 

This is the most known and easy advice you will be given if you want to improve your skills and learn better about your job.
Don’t be shy or afraid, ask your boss what they did to get where they are today, ask about something that intrigues you, go to your colleagues and ask them what they are working on, and especially ask for help when you need it!
Unleash your curiosity, ask questions in meetings, participate, give your opinion in events, conferences ….

Always be eager to learn and understand what you don’t master or know! The dumb question doesn’t exist, and if you don’t ask how you will probably look back to that subject later on and wish you did!

Even though this step looks easy, some people get lazy when it comes to their careers! In fact, they get stuck in a routine in which they keep repeating tasks in a robotic manner and after some time they will lose their sparkle and get bored at work!

So, you’d better avoid that by reading, being curious, connecting with others, and asking about one thing a day!

Read, Read, Read 

Reading doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to dive into a new book every single day or week! It can simply mean reading a small blog post about your job best practices or discovering an infographic published in a LinkedIn post, it can mean reading some statistics, the newest updates in your industries…or just reading four pages of a book before bed.

Great leaders and successful people always know that by following their field news or by reading the latest book about personal and professional development, they will always be one step ahead of others. 
Those people are constantly learning and discovering new ideas, work methods, practices, and perspectives that will consequently change and upgrade their decision-making and work.

Furthermore, the only way to become the best communicator is by discovering some good written communication first.

So, make it a habit to read something each day! Start by reading four to five pages each day or night then when you get used to it increase the number.

You can also subscribe to some valuable newsletters, publications, groups, or even follow famous hashtags related to your field in social media and spend some time discovering the newest practices that come across your feed.

Help yourself, by choosing and engaging with subjects that inspire you and push you to be the best.


Even if your job doesn’t evolve some writing tasks, it is important for your self-development to practice writing regularly.

Hold a personal journal if you are a writing fan, or just keep your work organized by writing notes about your daily tasks, future projects, inspiring subjects, or new ideas! 

Writing may not have a direct impact on your career if you are not in the writing, editing, journalism field…but it will have a huge positive impact since it will help you process your feelings, better understand yourself and clear your head better than any other kind of therapy.

Another considerable advantage of writing is keeping track of your achievement and improvement both professionally and personally.

The journal that you have held since you first started your career will help you to look back in the past weeks, months, and years and notice how far you came and how much you evolved.

If you are not a big fan of writing it is ok, you can find creative ways to express yourself, process your ideas by holding a blog, creating a LinkedIn post, writing a short tweet, posting on Facebook, contributing to a discussion group, or creating an ideas journal. All these means will make you proud of yourself and remind you how far you came and how much you have grown.


Like everyone, there are big chances that you are daily checking your social media networks. But you might notice that you are not spending enough time connecting to other members on these platforms!

In fact, career experts always give the advice that you should reach your network members, email them and try to build a long-term relationship with them if you want to boost your career and visibility!

Keep your network warm and alive! Don’t be a shallow ghost, who is just passive and limit yourself to scrolling your feed, start commenting when someone updates his professional status or gets a new job, send a private Facebook message to a colleague who got promoted, text an old friend, catch up with your previous manager or teammates! While this will not impact your career directly now, it will keep the doors wide open when you will need them later on.

When you build bridges with those persons, they may serve you later on as references, or give you a push since you stayed in close contact with them all these years.

You can even start a business opportunity with their company and because you gave them a good deal you will be able to sign a successful partnership with them! When this happens, you will never regret spending some time, building and nurturing that relationship.

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