3 reasons why a staffing firm is better for your Direct Hire


Selecting a new member of your team is a very hard task to do. At least when it’s done the right way. You are thinking about outsourcing your direct hire to a staffing firm but still wondering if it’s the best option for your company? This article is absolutely what you are looking for! Keep on reading to discover the main 3 reasons why you should delegate your direct hire to a specialized recruitment agency. 

Access to an expanded and qualified talent pool 

The direct hire process has become harder than it used to be, and in the era of the Internet and social networks, one could believe that it is now easier to contact and detect future talents. 

What most people don’t know is the fact that this abundance of information and access to live profiles does not guarantee the compatibility of the profiles and the skills they have with the position’s requirements. 

Delegating your direct hire recruiting to a staffing firm, certainly provides you with access to a large candidate pool. But as explained above, quantity is not what we should look for, “quality” is what we need. 

Staffing firms are known by their “superpowers” when it comes to selecting the right candidate for the right position, and their direct hiring services are always customized and adapted to the company’s values and requirements. 

An irreproachable time saving 

Partnering with a staffing firm for your direct hire is always a good idea to save a good amount of time. So before you ask yourself why here is the answer: 

In fact, by engaging a recruitment agency, the job posting, selection and interviews will no longer be your concern. A specialized team will be dedicated to deal with everything. Once the right profiles are detected, they will be presented to your hiring manager who is going to take the wheel afterwards. 

So eventually, all the hard, time-consuming work will be outsourced, giving time back to the HR department to focus on what really matters to the future of your company. 

Confidentiality and lower risks 

Sometimes it is necessary to maintain absolute confidentiality when approaching candidates (especially executives and managers). And staffing agencies are perfectly aware of the fact that it is the most important thing in markets with high tension, particularly for sales, sales management or engineering profiles. This is why they often take their client’s confidentiality so serious which reduces all types of risks and pressures your company can face. 

How does it work with staffing firms? 

Staffing agencies are known for their ability to secure all the stages of the candidate’s detection, selection and sometimes even the integration process. 
In terms of methodology, the firm must mark out each stage as it follows: 

Step 1: At first, the staffing agency must detect the environment, the culture and most importantly the DNA of your company. Then, it has to seize the challenges and the environment of the job. Eventually, it has to understand the recruitment reasons and identify the personal and professional skills required to fill the position. 

Step 2: During the second step, the firm will set up a specific strategy for the recruitment of the position in order to precisely define the detection tools to search for candidates. 

Step 3: After setting up the strategy, it is necessary to proceed to a sorting and a demanding selection for each profile and analyze the applications afterwards. 

Step 4: Specific interviews with tests and special situations are set up to verify the compatibility of the profiles, their motivation, their professional project, but also their personality. 

Step 5: Finally, a consultant will follow the real integration of the candidate when he/she takes up the position. 

Outsourcing your recruitment helps you save time, money and quality. So if these advantages seem to be a perfect fit for you, it’s time to delegate your direct hire! 

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