3 habits that will increase your chances to get a job!

3 habits that will increase your chances to get a job!

Sometimes analyzing and understanding how the job search process, functions can be very difficult and frustrating. During your endless search to find the most suitable job for your profile, you can end up feeling like your applications are falling on deaf ears! It is completely normal that being ignored or not hearing from employers can be very disappointing. However, you must know that there is real people on the other side. Recruiters, head hunter or HR managers that are going through voluminous applications every day, hoping to find the best talents to meet the job requirements and needs. Hence, when you find the jobs, you want to apply for, you next big step is to make it clear to those potential employers why you are the best fit for the position they are hiring for. It is hard to know what will exactly help you to stand apart and double your chances to get hired. But if we take a look at the most successful job seekers, we can see that there are several things they do or habits they follow to increase their chances to get positive responses from employers. So here are the habits that most successful job seekers do to get the job: 1. Keep your job search organized The best candidates proceed with their job search with organization and discipline. They procedure is similar to a student that is preparing his exam or a worker that is tackling a difficult work assignment. You need to have clear vision, set realistic goals and set aside sufficient time to go step by step. One of the easiest ways to stay organized is to create an excel sheet, or to use an application to centralize all your job search. Start by saving all the jobs that suits your profile into your favorite google section, then go through each opportunity to evaluate it. After that go back to your sheet and update the status of each job into these options: applied, saved, interviewing, Offered and hired. Don’t hesitate to organize your file by adding the date, post title, job description, place, company name, salary and due date. Using a color code to customize your file can also help you to improve your job search. One more thing to do is to check your email address to manage your email subscription, the replies you receive from employers and the new offers that may interest you. You can also delete job alerts that are no more relevant, add new ones or pause alerts you want to go through later. 2. Be selective about the jobs you apply for One the most important steps, a big number of candidates ignore, is to carefully evaluate each offer they’re applying for. • If you find an opportunity that catch your attention, ask yourself: • Are you qualified for that job? • Do you have the qualities and skills that are needed in that job? • Did you really see yourself doing that job? • Does it satisfy your actual needs, motivation and professional goals? When you are in the middle of the process, it may seem legitimate, to apply for as many jobs as possible to increase your chances. But if you step back, you will eventually find out that this method, that is more oriented to quantity rather than quality is not effective. So, we suggest you to carefully apply for jobs that fits your profile, professional experience and motivations. There no a secret recipe to know the right number of jobs you need to apply for until finding the best opportunity. So instead of focusing on quantity, put all your energy into examining each job description carefully, so you can craft high-quality applications. Here is some step, you need to consider before proceeding: • Read carefully the job description and requirements from top to the down. • Identify the key words or elements that make this job attractive for you. • Consider whether you can reasonably do this job by reviewing examples from your past. experience, background and skills. • Take notes of the required instructions to apply. • Once you start the application, read and answer each question that is related to the job. • Double check your writing and answers before submitting. While this method might looks more energy and time consuming, it will optimize and shorten your overall job search because you are submitting quality applications that employers are more likely to accept. 3. Gain time when you are filling in your applications Since you are spending your time more wisely evaluating each new opportunity, you will gain back that time when you’re applying. Use the applying forms you find in each job portal and add your resume, details and cover letter to your profile in order to automate the process each time you apply for a new job. For more flexibility, you can have a resume, cover letter copy into your phone files, so that you can apply to good opportunity with your phone. Think of saving the most repeated questions and you answers to them in order to gain time for your future applications. Don’t forget your goal is to make it easier for your prospective employers to say “yes” to your application. Finally, by putting all these habits and little steps into practice, you will see your chances to get hired doubled.

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