Why should employers outsource their payroll service?

Handling your company internal payroll service is a very tedious and time-consuming task! Companies must file mandate forms on time, keep up with the latest legislation and make sure to avoid errors and penalties. 

Which is why many companies have considered outsourcing operations for different reasons, essentially reducing costs and managing tasks more efficiently. Hence, when you outsource your payroll services, you will give your business the chance to focus on more important aspects that affect its development and future.

Payroll is the back bone of any company; it strengthens the relationship between organizations and employees. When you pay your staff on time and fairly you will not only respect the legal requirements of remuneration but you will also increase the sense of moral and focus. Outsourcing will guarantee an accurate and effective payroll service. 

So here are reasons why you should as an employer, invest in outsourcing your payroll service. 

1.     Putting your payroll service in experts’ hands 

Outsourcing your payroll to an external agency of hiring internal payroll professionals will put your mind at ease, since they will take care of every aspect of your payroll process.

These qualified persons can help you solve and anticipate any payroll query and even provide you with detailed payroll reports and analyses. 

Eventually, outsourcing your business payroll will give you peace of mind, save your money, reduce your compliance risks and even let you have more time for crucial aspects of your business. 

     Saving your time and money 

Processing your payroll internally will cost a lot of time, money and effort to follow all the details. Companies have to deal with limitless data, respect complex regulations, laws and updates but also ensure zero miscalculations and errors. 

Hence outsourcing this task will give employers real opportunity to spend precious time on high value tasks that can upgrade the business instead of loosing time in processing payroll and adding timesheets. 

Pentabell can take care of your complete payroll process with minimum effort from your part. We will help you generate electronic pay slips, that can be sent to each international employee, we will do transfer directly to each worker bank account, accurately and on time. We aim to provide our clients with the best payroll service on the market. 

     Reducing risks

Payroll management means controlling very sensitive and personal data that needs to be kept private and secure. When you have to handle your payroll internally, you need to be very careful of embezzlement risks and identity thieves or any other security risks. 

Payroll companies have already specific procedure that help them handle such complex data, with professional systems that include the highest security levels, along side with experts who are totally aware of all the cybersecurity aspects and needs. 

The payroll data can be easily hacked by cybercriminals. Consequently, these sensitive and personal data can be easily leaked and mishandled. 

An external and reputable company can take the full responsibility for managing your employees’ data privacy and will ensure an extra layer of security to your company. 

In Pentabell, the safety, security of our clients’ data is our main priority. We use the latest industry software, and hardware to store, protect and process data. 

     Ensuring compliance 

Following the ever-changing employment regulations and taxations laws is tough! Not to mention, forgetting or failing to respect such rules can result in heavy penalties, sanctions and even lawsuits. Outsourcing your payroll, will help you ease your mind, knowing that payroll experts will handle properly your payroll data.

Payroll experts are asked to stay up to date with the changing regulations. Which is why outsourcing your payroll will help you reduce errors and make sure that your payroll is prepared effectively every time.