Pentabell your trusted partner

Our story began…

It was the year of the realization of our dream and the launch of our beautiful adventure which you are witnessing today.

Everything started from a dream… The dream of building a company built around ten faithful collaborators, invested but above all guided by passion and excellence as well as the continuous search for the satisfaction of our customers, through the provision of solutions adapted to their needs and constraints.

Our activity over the years in several countries: Algeria in 2005, Tunisia in 2009, Morocco in 2011, France and Libya in 2013, and finally Dubai in 2014.

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Pentabell, a vision and a global ambition.

Let’s build your success story together!

Today Pentabell is present in several countries with more than 1500 international consultants working in all fields of activity.

Our expertise, which exceeds 16 years in the field of recruitment, is reflected in the rapid growth of our customer base of more than 1,000 private and governmental entities operating in various sectors (energy, oil and gas, telecommunications, transportation… etc).

Like international recruitment agencies, we provide the skills and experience of our experts to facilitate the identification, selection, and delivery of the qualified candidates you need.

As an HR consulting firm, we guarantee our clients and partners quality services based on active listening, proximity, availability, and responsiveness. 

Our offer includes direct hire staffing services, global payroll, consulting, and technical assistance.

Our Values

Thanks to our efforts and expertise in HR, technology and employee onboarding, we aim to increase employee happiness and improve their level of engagement.

Team Spirit

Team spirit is one of the primary values that drives our international recruitment company. This value is reflected in our relentless desire to provide the best working environment for our teams, in our constant search for improvement, and in our strong work ethic within the company and with each of our clients and partners.


For us, quality is synonymous with performance, providing services that meet the expectations and requirements of our customers, and constantly seeking to satisfy all their changing needs. We have made quality one of the key axes of our value system.


Thanks to our responsiveness and speed in handling our clients' requests, we have been able to adapt to each situation and each unforeseen event with equal relevance and professionalism. Commitment is at the heart of all our relationships.


Innovation is a value that plays a key role in the daily work of our international recruitment agency. At Pentabell, we never accept half measures, we mobilize the strength and know-how of our teams to aim for excellence.